Woman devastated after ‘small and delicate’ butterfly tattoo goes horribly wrong

A woman who had a butterfly inked on her wrist was devastated when it healed and looked nothing like what she wanted, and was later forced to get it covered up by another artist

Tattoos last forever, so it’s important that you research the artist properly before you take the plunge.

But one woman who’d done just that was left horrified by the final result.

Speaking on TikTok, Saya said that she had recently got a new tattoo, but once it had healed, she was devastated – it looked nothing like what she wanted at all.

In the clip, which has since been viewed almost three million times, Saya shows what she asked for – a small, dainty fine line tattoo of butterfly – and then a picture of that tattoo she ended up with.

She begged for users to give her advice on what she could do to “make this better”.

She explained: “I got a new tattoo a few weeks ago and now it’s healed I’m realising how much I hate it.

“It’s not UGLY it’s just not what I wanted and for some reason, it’s healed really weird.”

One person said: “Thought you said it wasn’t ugly.”

Another wrote: “Oh girl I am so sorry, it’s giving colouring book.”

A third person took a much gentler approach and said: “Oh wow. That’s not even close to what you asked. I’m so sorry.”

“It’s pretty but too big for that location. Right above or below your elbow would be SO CUTE,” added someone else.

In a follow-up video, which amassed over one million views, Saya revealed that she has had her tattoo fixed.

In the comments, Saya said that she had gone to another tattoo artist who covered it up – and she was much happier with the result.

As well as adding shading to the butterfly, the artist added a vine that wrapped around her wrist.

Users loved the design and were quick to say how much of an improvement it was, with one commenting: “Yes queen it looks so good.”

While another added: “I think it was meant to because [sic] what you ended up with is fire.”

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