Doberman Mom Adopts A Two-Day-Old Kitten As One Of Her Own

A Doberman named Ruby, who just had a litter of puppies, has adopted a tiny kitten as one of her own.

Brittany Callan says she thinks the kitten, who she’s named “Ramblin’ Rose”, was about two or three days old when she found her and brought her home.

Since Ruby just had her litter on Aug. 18, she thought she would see if Ruby would accept the kitten.

Callan says she did right away.

“Seriously cannot get over how well Ruby has taken to this kitten,” Callan wrote on Facebook.

Callan has been melting hearts online with photos and videos of the kitten mixed in with the dogs.

Now that the pups are nursing less, Ruby will transport the kitten to the couch for one on one nursing sessions.

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